Our puppy courses, foundation courses and other dog training course has the highest quality. You are ensured to get to an instructor with extensive training, in addition to many years of experience with dogs and dog training course at our dog school. The instructors at the Norwegian Dog Trainers Association works with positive learning techniques. We can all exercise techniques and applies them at the dog training course adapted to each individual, positive learning, control, setting limits, classical conditioning, clicks, shaping, discrimination, aversion psychology, operant conditioning mm. This is important for you to get the individual and properly adapted training for you and your dog from puppy classes to adult.
Norwegian dog trainer associations working with all kinds of dogs and individuals. Do you have something you want to train your dog, we have expertise.
Problem Behaviour and problem dog we have worked with for 20 years. When our dog school, you learn to solve everyday problems eg, barking, walk nicely on a leash, acting towards other dogs (male aggression) m m.

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